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Wednesday, 03 February 2010 15:01

My kids love to read the backs of cereal boxes hoping to find some cool toy or clues to a fun puzzle, maze or matching game. This morning was no different. As I sat in my usual place at the kitchen table, across from my youngest slurping down a bowl of the sugary sweet something cereal and next to him my second youngest careful scrutinizing the back of the (then) current edition of a Kellogg's® Honey Smacks® cereal box.

He was playing the game on the back of the box and mumbling along as he found the one of those and the one of them.  This cereal box game was along the lines of the popular "Where's Waldo" games and was called "A Day at School with Dig'Em." Dig'Em, for the under-educated and otherwise out of touch, is the charming frog-character that adorns each box of this fine Kellogg's product.  

Anyway, part of the adventure in the game is to find five strange events that are blocking the hallways of Honeyville High - each event is three words long and each word starts with the letters S, M, and K in order.  As number three mumbled along he suddenly announced, in his usual loud voice (loud - as in fog horn loud), "Hey Dad, I found the Seascout Mailing a Kite."  I took a glance to see what he was talking about and sure enough, there he was, a Seascout Mailing a Kite - imagine that.  Now, can you find him and the other four "SMKs" in the picture?  Click here the image to download a larger version of the cereal box.  

Thanks for the Sea Scout fun Kellogg's!


This article is an opinion based on the authors experience at the breakfast table this morning.  In other words, it is all in fun and does not represent or warrant any endorsement of any type by or for Kellogg's or any other organization. Kellogg's and Honey Smacks are registered trademarks of Kellogg's.  With any luck no one will be offended or take the article or the inclusion of the image or any description of the Sea Scout for anything else than what it plainly is - just fun. Now, we also understand that Kellogg's refers to the character as a "sailor" - but I'm sure that was just for simplicity's sake, seeing the the word "Sea Scout" might be difficult for the average kid's cereal demographic to comprehend (I mean really little kids - not the average Sea Scout that downs about two boxes of these sugary sweets in an average sitting, I know those demos know who they are and certainly understand the term Sea Scout).  We know that he's a Sea Scout and that's all that matters.  I'm sure Kellogg's knows that we know it's a Sea Scout and they therefore saw no reason to go into and two-word or otherwise in depth explanation on the matter.  We mean no offense to the Navy or the Coast Guard for claiming the sailor in the picture to be a Sea Scout.  Obviously he is because everyone knows that (a) the Coast Guard doesn't wear cracker jacks anymore, and (b) everyone also knows that U.S. Navy sailors don't mail kites.  Besides that, why would a Coastie or a Navy sailor be at a high school using the mailbox - everybody knows that they're not allowed in high schools anymore (especially in California).  Anyway.  Thanks again Kellogg's for the fun game and the plug. :)

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