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Sea Scout News - 10-05-2011
Subject: Sea Scout News - 10-05-2011
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Sea Scouts.us Newsletter

Safety at Sea 2011 - San Francisco

Registration is now open for S@S 2011.  This year is shaping up to be more fun than ever and we encourage interested Ships to register today.  Visit here for more details.


SeaScouts.us Site Upgrade

Our team is working on a major recoding of SeaScouts.us.  The site will offer new features to all of our users and help us to communicate with our subscribers more effectively.  Stay tuned for more! 


SeaScout.org Site Upgrade

We appreciate the many years of support our seascout.org web team has provided over the years - and we appreciate the continued participation of all our Scouts and Scouters that help to make the site great. Thank you for your continued support!

The SeaScout.org web team has been busy developing a site upgrade that will bring our users new features, ease of accesibility, and closer integration with national council resources.  The changes are big and will take time to complete and we would like your help.

In the next few weeks we will announce access to the new beta SeaScout.org site.  There you can watch us add we add new features, tweak existing features, and strive to provide you with the content you have asked for.  The legacy and beta sites will run concurrently during our transition to ensure you do not lose accesss to the information you need most.

Please let us now how we're doing and send us your ideas and content suggestions to beta@seascouts.us.




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