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Redwood Rendevous - You're Invited!
Subject: Redwood Rendevous - You're Invited!
Send date: 2009-09-10 23:32:20
Issue #: 8
Sea Scouts.us Newsletter

The Redwood Rendezvous 2009: A Regatta Renaissance

Dear Skipper, Boatswain, & Crew:

You are cordially invited to cruise to the 2009 Redwood Rendezvous Regatta Renaissance. The “RRRR” will be held on September 19, 2009 in the Port of Redwood City. 

“Hey Skip, just what is the Redwood Rendezvous?”

The Redwood Rendezvous is the un-regatta (ergo, rendezvous) that focuses on planned non-competitive events that build on the 4 S’s of Sea Scouting.  The event will begin on Saturday morning, September 19, 2009 at 0800.  We will hold a social time on Saturday night.  Ships are requested to assist with clean up before departing for home. 

RR Events…

The idea of this event is to have FUN, while not having a performance of “Lord of the Flies.”  While we do want to maintain an element of surprise, here is a preview of the events: Radio Requiem: Semaphore & Morse Code (practice your Morse Code and Semaphore), First Aid, Tug of War, Knots, Boatbuilding, and the Sea Chantey Broadside, to name a few.  There are other surprises too.

Let’s Get Musical

Each Ship should bring a musical instrument for the Sea Chantey Broadside.  This may include a guitar, any string or wind instrument, or kazoo, spoons, or tambourine. 

Registration, Meals, and Other Details…

Please email your registration to Vice Kyle Northend at tbtfab@gmail.com.  There will be a fee of $10 per person.  This includes the Saturday night dinner and supplies for the RR.  Please include number of youth and adults.   

Vessels interested in cruising should contact the chairman at joshuacgilliland@yahoo.com for details.   

After arriving at Wharf 5, it is imperative that Scouts stay with in the confines of that area. The Port of Redwood City is a working port with areas we must avoid.  These areas will be explained at the event.  We wish to keep are neighbors happy, so please remain around the boats.

Each Ship will need to provide their own breakfast and lunch. 

Sea Scouts shall be in a cruising or regatta uniform of some kind.  Rendezvous Staff would like crewmembers in Ship t-shirts, hats, or something uniform that is simple.  For example, uniform shorts and Ship t-shirt are acceptable.  You will get wet, and most likely dirty, so bring a change of cruising uniforms.   

The Redwood Rendezvous will be a time of fun and relaxation that the Pacific Skyline Council Sea Scouts are looking forward to. If you have any questions, or would like to help, please contact me.


Red Skies,

Joshua C. Gilliland, S.S.S Gryphon
Redwood Rendezvous 2009 Chairman



 -Things To Bring List -

1. Cruise/Tour Permit
2. Positive Attitude
3. Small boat oars or paddles
4. Duck tape (lots)
5. Caulking
6. Brooms
7. Mascot (small item- teddy bear, palm tree, etc, etc.)
8. Small boat lifejackets
9. Swimsuits
10. Cameras
11. Damage Control Gear
12. Theme Song
13. Cruising/Regatta Uniforms. Dress uniforms are not required at this event, nor are dungarees, yet the Rendezvous Staff would like crewmembers in Ship t-shirts, hats, or something uniform that is simple. Example: Shorts and Ship Shirt are acceptable.  We wish to make a good impression with the Port of Redwood City and do appreciate your efforts to do so.
14. Sunscreen
15. Two Trash Bags
16. Feelings
17. Declaration of the Rights of Man
18. Disney Songs
19. Oil painting of family portrait
20.  Ship Court of Arms
21. American Practical Navigator
22. Something Borrowed
23. Something New
24. The Way it Was in 1974, with Sea Stories to Share
25. Other duties as required


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