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WIK Sea Scout Cup - Florida Qualifier
Subject: WIK Sea Scout Cup - Florida Qualifier
Send date: 2009-08-25 23:36:08
Issue #: 7
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2010 W.I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup - Florida Qualifier

The link below will direct you to the Notice of Race (NOR)  and Registration Form for the Florida Qualifier for the 2010 W.I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup.

Please read the entire NOR and Registration form before filling them out and sending them in.


Some things to remember:

1.  Based on the number of entries, the committee will determine whether or not it will be 1 or 2 days.  Be sure that you are available both days.

2.  Please be sure that you are going to be available August 1-7 2010 for travel to New London, CT for the Cup.  It is unfair to qualify and not attend the International Cup.

3.  Make sure that your entire Registration Form is filled out and payment is made.


Thanks for your participation and support..


Andy Flack

Event Organizer



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